Alpha Delta Kappa
                       California Beta Eta Chapter

International Honorary Sorority for Women Educators

Chapter Policies & Procedures

Beta Eta

Chapter Policies & Procedures


A.     The regularly scheduled meeting shall be the fourth Monday of each month, September through May, with exceptions as designated by the President and Executive Board.

B.     A quorum shall consist of a majority of the members in good standing.


         1.     A member who is unable to attend a meeting must notify the Sgt-at-Arms at least one day ahead.  The member will then be considered excused.

          2.     A member who “forgets” to call the Sgt-at-Arms will be considered unexcused.


           1.     The hostess shall provide her home, the plates, cups, and silverware, and the beverages (tea and coffee) for the evening.

           2.     The first person on the refreshment committee will serve as the chairman.  She will:

                    i.     Contact the hostess.

                   ii.     Call others serving on the committee to determine and provide refreshments.

                  iii.     Coordinate serving and cleanup.

3.     The hospitality committee will provide the raffle prize for the evening.  (Suggested cost:  $25 - $30 value)


A.     Procedures for new and established membership shall be governed by Article III, Sections 1-11 of the Bylaws of Alpha Delta Kappa Sorority, Inc.

B.     Active members of Beta Eta Chapter shall be expected to participate actively in chapter activities, accept responsibilities within the chapter, and regularly attend chapter meetings and events.

C.    Active-on-Leave status shall be granted for a period of one year for personal or family illness, professional study, teaching abroad, or other reasons acceptable to the chapter.  This status shall be predetermined annually.  Requested extensions of one year each shall be permitted by a majority vote of chapter members.

D.    Upon achievement of Silver or Sapphire membership status, Beta Eta will purchase and award appropriate pin guards.

III.     Dues, Fees, and Assessments

A.     Beta Eta chapter shall comply with the International and State annual dues, pledge, and initiation fees.

B.     The fiscal year of Beta Eta Chapter shall be June 1 – May 31st.

C.    The annual budget shall cover the fiscal year and shall be prepared on the basis of dues, fees, and assessments payable prior to January 1st to the Chapter Treasurer.

D.    The amount of the annual Chapter dues shall be determined by the Executive Board.

E.     Dues are payable no later than the December Chapter meeting.  After that date, dues are delinquent.  A $5.00 late fee will be assessed.

F.     Equitable assessment fees shall be set by the Executive Board when necessary.


A.     All active members of the Beta Eta Chapter shall participate in the chapter’s annual and/or special fundraising events according to the purposes of Alpha Delta Kappa (See Article II, International Bylaws).  In the event an active member is unable to participate at all, she may be assessed an amount of money determined by the Executive Board.


A.     Beta Eta’s chapter treasury will pay registration fees for the chapter delegate(s) to attend the Northern District, Southwest Regional, State, and International Conventions.