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International Honorary Sorority for Women Educators

Alpha Delta Kappa

California Beta Eta Chapter

Minutes:  September 28, 2015

Home of Darlene Thomas

  1. Social time: 4:00 - 4:30

2. Dinner. Dos Coyotes burritos and salad.

3. Call to Order/Welcome: 5:17 p.m.

4. Thought for the Day: Linda Drever. Linda read “What a Teacher Makes” by Taylor Mallory. Bottom line, teachers make a difference.

5. Introduction of Executive Board and Committee Chairpersons. Linda provided a handout with this information, as well as hostess committees and updated email/address information for members. This will be available on our website. Linda reminded us that if we cannot for any reason be available for our assigned hostess committee assignment to please make arrangements to trade with someone and to then let Linda know about the change.

6. Minutes approval for May meeting: Debbie Noyes. Minutes were approved as read.

7. Treasurer’s Report/Vote on Proposed Budget: Connie Baker.

Checking: $6249.09

Savings: $15,625

of that:

Goto Fund: $1934.00

Scholarship: $$13,691

The budget was approved (Prichard/Thomas) unanimously.

8. Corresponding Secretary’s Report/Acceptance of resignation of Pam Dear: Denise LaFazia.

Denise read a thank you from Kim Gerould, thanking us for the scholarship to attend the Southwest Regional Conference.

Pam’s letter of resignation was read. Her resignation was (Waffle/Roullier) approved, with regret.

9. Membership Committee: Miriam Marriner. A process for getting prospective new members is being finalized. It is suggested that prospective members be invited to attend the October - December meetings. There will be a January 11, 2016 membership tea. Ballots with instructions will be sent to members by February 1 and are to be returned by mail or brought to the February meeting. No late ballots will be counted. Voting will take place at the February meeting and results announced. Information will be sent to prospective members the next day with a March 11 acceptance date. New members will be initiated at the April meeting.

10. A∆K Scholarship information: Kim Gerould. Kim reminded us to check out the A∆K websites for information about scholarships. Many of the scholarships are very easy to apply for and attain as few people do so. In the past both Kim and Carolsue have benefitted. They range from classroom and tuition grants to cultural experiences.

Susan reported that Performing Arts Scholarship checks have been presented to recipients at all four Middle Schools.

11. Unfinished Business.

The Northern District Conference is this weekend in South San Francisco.

International Convention in Salt Lake City: Ten members attended. Diana, Sandi, Kim, Linda W. and Susan Goto shared some of their favorite moments of the convention. New insights were made concerning the differences between East and West coast chapters.

12. New Business:

Special Presentation for Special Sisters. Linda presented plaques and flowers, and glowing words to the following sisters:

Silver Sister - 25 Years: Carolyn Brian

Sapphire Sister - 35 Years: Diana Galvan and Sandi Roullier

Golden Sister - 50 Years: Marilyn Cain

A Committee has been formed to study the feasibility of starting a new A∆K Chapter in our area. Headed by Diana Galvan and including Susan Goto, Kim Gerould, Linda Warfield and Jane McNally.

A board discussion concerning resubmitting the Mind Institute as a possible State Altruistic Project has begun. Responsible members are Diana Galvan, Susan Goto, and Carolsue Acres.

13. Fraternal Education: Christy Thorson. It was explained that the International Biennium is odd numbered years, currently 2015 - 2017. The State Biennium is even numbered years, currently 2014 - 2016.

14. Birthdays. June, July, August, and September Birthdays were announced and gifts distributed. This year gifts will be quilted squares. Thank you, Linda!

15. Thank you’s: A big one to Darlene Thomas for hosting the meeting at her house again. Thank you to the committee of Allyson Farnsworth, Dee Thomas, Sharry Colnar, Debbie Pascoa, Kathleen Waffle, and Diane Filice. Also - to Bill Warfield for helping get everything set up.

16. DeeDee Dahlberg won the hostess gift.

17. Lamp of A∆K and adjournment: 6:45 p.m.

Submitted by

Deborah Noyes

Recording Secretary

October 7, 2015