Alpha Delta Kappa
                       California Beta Eta Chapter

International Honorary Sorority for Women Educators

Altruism          ...reaching out to help others

ADK International Projects



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CA State ADK Project

The Summer Search

     Summer Search is a high impact program that gives low income students the opportunities and support they need to transform their lives, achieve their own potential, and create change as role models and everyday leaders.  Go to  (choose Altruistic from the navigation list) for more information.  Each California chapter is urged to support the state project.

Items Needed for                                                         Former Foster Youth Care Packs

Beta Eta contributed 100 Scientific Calculators!

5 Subject Notebook

2" Black Binder

First Aid Kit

Graph Filler Paper Pack

File Organizer

Pack of No. 815 Scantrons

Pack of No. 882 Scantrons

#2 Pencils (16 ct. pack)

Highlighters (4 pack)

Mechanical Pencils (8 ct. pack)

2 Binder packs lined paper (150 ct.)

Ballpoint ink pens (10 pack)



Bar Soap (2 pack)


Razor Pack (unisex)


Can Openers

Thumb Drives

Jar of Peanut Butter



Cash/Gift cards - $25  (Wal-Mart, Safeway, Target, etc.) 

Beta Eta Chapter Projects

International and State Projects plus...

Annual scholarships to local high school seniors

Annual scholarships to beginning teachers

Goto Fine Arts Endowment grants

Tommy Apostolos Shopping Spree

Friends of Roseville Library book sorters

Sierra Former Foster Youth Care Packs - see list below 

Beta Eta Volunteer Projects

Beta Eta members contribute many hours as well as monetary contributions to a variety of local and national charitable institutions and projects.

A log sheet is available under the Documents tab to record your activities each month.  It is important to transfer this information to the Purple Book that Carolsue maintains as a record of our chapter's altruistic activity.  Information from this Purple Book is used to submit our annual Altruistic Report to the State.

Listed below are some suggestions for qualifying activities: